ACTOM Energy Sectors

ACTOM Energy is a division for Business Solutions under the ACTOM Group umbrella providing turnkey Electrical, Automation, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Rotating Equipment solutions.

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  • Electrical


    ACTOM Energy provides turnkey MV and LV Electrical Solutions , including Power Generation, Distribution, Conversion and motor /drive applications, from Design to Commissioning. Read more


    ACTOM Energy enables complete control and monitoring of your plant or vessel, using standard COTS hardware and application -specific algorithms, to optimise the performance of your operation. Read more


    ACTOM Energy provides complete hydraulic and pneumatic solutions, covering every application, including cranes, winches, centralised hydraulic power packs, and more. Read more


    ACTOM Energy supplies and services LV and MV rotating machinery, for marine and land applications. Read more

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Renewable Energy

ACTOM Energy supplies products, services and maintenance to the renewable energy program which comprise of various technologies including, Wind Farms, Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) Systems (Grid-tied or off-grid), Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Biomass, Hydro Power, Landfill Gas, Cogeneration and other customized renewable energy projects.

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Oil and Gas

ACTOM Energy’s experience in the Oil & Gas Industry includes Power Generation & Distribution Systems, Drilling Equipment, Ancillary Services, Crane & Winch Control Systems as well as customized Electrical and Fluid Technology Systems.

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ACTOM Energy is involved in a wide variety of projects in the Marine industry. We have successfully completed Electrical and Hydraulic projects on Power Generation & Distribution Systems, Cranes, Winches & Davits, Hose Handling Equipment, Net Handling Equipment, Propulsion Systems (Diesel-Electrical, CPP – Controllable Pitch Propeller, Voith Schneider Propeller, Hybrid Propulsion), Steering & Navigation Systems, as well as customized Marine Electrical and Hydraulic Projects.

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ACTOM Energy provides you with Electro-Hydraulic Solutions in the Mining Industry, including Power Generation, Distribution and Protection, Motor Control Centers (MCCs), Transformers, Conveyor Control Systems, AC and DC motors drives along with customized Mining Projects.

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General Industry

ACTOM Energy’s applications include projects in the General Industry Sectors, including Textile, Water and Sanitation, Agriculture, and the Food and Beverage Industry. Projects have been completed successfully on Conveyor systems, Transport Systems, Automation Systems, build installations and other Factory Equipment.